“This is a really insightful book that every leader and game-changer should read.”

“A great reference and a real source of inspiration for any leader looking to chart a new course”

“A wonderful foundation for reflection on how much we as a society have evolved.”

“From the end of “commuter chaos, congested cities and pointless presenteeism” to The Specials Ghost Town, this is a fascinating guide.”

Never Going Back will challenge you, get you thinking and provoke action.”

Never Going Back is the book for our post-Covid-19 times.  It tells the dramatic story of how business scrambled to survive when the worldwide lockdowns began in March 2020.  And how the organisations that understood the challenges and opportunities of the pandemic created a new business model enabling them to thrive on trust. It looks at how our long-term physical and mental health is being impacted and how our homes, communities and our planet will be all the better for Covid-19.  It makes a powerful case for the UK to push forward not back, to embrace these changes and build a more productive, greener, cleaner, healthier and happier society.  Business leaders from a range of sectors, senior politicians, policy makers, academics, other experts and the humble home worker also give their insights in this ground-breaking book.

On this website you can also learn more about the book’s co-writers Mark Thomas and Peter Thomson. You can read a sample chapter, Zooming in – embracing technology which looks at how technology has made the hybrid working revolution possible. You can also tell us your home-working story which just might find its way into the book. Click the icons above to follow and engage with us on social media. Most importantly, join our movement for a better world and, of course, buy the book. We would like to thank all of those organisations, large and small for their contributions including:

  • Aldi UK
  • Coventry City Council
  • CMW Limited
  • EMRM (East Midlands Reactive Maintenance)
  • Hightown Housing Association
  • Leicestershire County Council
  • Qioptiq
  • West Midlands Combined Authority