Book Launched at Zoom Webinar

Co-writers Mark Thomas and Peter Thomson, supported by experts in the worlds of human resources, workplace development and local government, launched Never Going Back at a special event on June 17th (See above video). The event couldn’t have been more topical with news that restrictions would stay in place for another month announced just a few days before. Employers who were hoping to confirm future arrangements had to put their plans on hold again.

At the launch Mark and Peter introduced their book and discussed the state of the UK’s world of work.  They asked and tried to answer the key questions of the moment. What will happen when the government changes its ‘everyone who can work from home should do so’ advice? What will employers do?  How will the new army of hybrid workers feel?  What will be the wider impact on health, homes, transport, communities and the planet? They were joined by three experts able to give their own distinct perspective of Covid-19’s impact on the future of work.

Nicholas Rushton, Leader of Leicestershire County Council
Nick is one of the country’s leading local politicians. He has been the leader of Leicestershire County Council for nearly 10 years and leads on strategic affairs, external relations and economic development. He is the Chairman of his local Fire Authority and is an Executive Board member of East Midlands Councils and is a Board member of the Midlands Engine for Growth and Midlands Connect Strategic Steering Group. He was Vice-Chairman of the County Councils Network, the national body representing upper tier county authorities lobbying government for finance and local government reform and was its former spokesman for Finance.  Outside of politics, Nick is a successful businessman, is married to Daniella, herself a published author. Nick, who was interviewed for a case study in the book, believes that the change in working practices brought about by the pandemic has the potential to be good for democracy if government ceases the opportunity.

Chris Hood, Director, Advanced Workplace Associates
Chris is a highly respected workplace professional with a wealth of experience in leading edge workplace design gathered by working in more than 25 countries over a 40 years career. He was the Corenet Global Award recipient for his work on sensor technology, is a published author, and a regular speaker at conferences across the world. He has been a Corenet Luminary six times and is a founder of the Workplace communities at both Corenet and IFMA.  The Hybrid Working Revolution is as much about where we work as how we work and Chris is the acknowledged global expert in this field.

Tim Savidge, HR Director UK & France with Excelitas Technologies Corporation
Tim has spent 40 years working in senior HR roles for a number of household name companies including Glaxosmithkline, Ladbrokes, Cammel Laird and Beecham Group.  His management of his company’s transition to home working in a complex manufacturing environment is featured of the book and was seen as best of class.  He’ll be able to bring a range of powerful insights based on his 40 years of senior blue-chip commercial HR experience.

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