Conference speaking

Peter and Mark are passionate about making the new future of work happen.  Peter has worked as a future work consultant for over 30 years.  He set up the Henley Management College Future Work Forum which he ran for 16 years and remains actively involved as a visiting Fellow.  Peter has co-authored a number of successful business including the best-selling Future Work which he co-authored with Alison Maitland which was published by Palgrave Macmillan.

Long before it was fashionable in the late 1990s, Mark managed his team remotely making the most of the then emerging technology, trail-blazing a results-focused approach built on trusting his workers.  His digital marketing consultancy Word Association was a Future Work Award back winner in 2002 and has been featured in the Mail on Sunday and The Guardian His story has inspired and entertained audiences at numerous conferences – both nationally and internationally – run by bodies such as the Institute of Directors and British Chambers of Commerce.   

They are both experienced conference speakers and are happy to be approached about potential opportunities.  Here is some information about their conference speaking backgrounds.

Peter Thomson

Mark Thomas


We also offer advice and consultancy services to managers looking to effectively implement hybrid working.  This would be provided through Peter’s consultancy WiseWork.  The website sets out WiseWork’s services, how it operates and includes a number of free tips, action plans and resources.


Peter and Mark welcome press queries about Never Going Back.  Experienced media operators, both have appeared on broadcast media and would welcome similar opportunties.  We can also provide prompt and expert commentary on all aspects of future working.

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