Our book starts when the pandemic first impacted the world of work in early 2020. We take a look at how management culture adapted and the role of technology. We then focus on how the changes affected us as individuals and what it will mean for our homes, communities and planet. The final part of the book looks at the role policy makers can play and how we can emerge from the crisis to create a brighter future.

Read a sample chapter. Zooming in – embracing technology.



Foreword – this book will change your life

How Covid-19 has changed work for good.  Never Going Back


The toilet roll moment – how business scrambled to survive

The story of how different sectors adapted to the challenges of Covid-19 in the Spring of 2020


Management and leadership – a more human culture

Covid-19 taught bosses new skills, to focus on output and to learn to trust 


Zooming in – embracing technology

Technology was the enabler, from video conferencing to social media


Health and happiness – it’s all about choice

Given the option, workers prefer a balanced life over the daily commute


More than home now – workspace trends

How work is becoming a thing we do rather than a place we go


Revitalising our communities – a new sense of place

15-minute market towns are set to become our new urban future


Good for the planet – avoiding a dirty recovery

Working from home can be the catalyst for a greener planet


Policy and politics – today’s work revolution

Time for action on the two decades of warm words on flexible working


Why we’re never going back – our work life transformed

It’s about more than working from home, our lives can change forever


Over Covid-19 – the new world of work

How companies from SMEs to multi-nationals are embracing the new normal


Make it happen – where to from here

Workers, bosses, influencers, let’s all make sure blended working is here to stay

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