“From the end of “commuter chaos, congested cities and pointless presenteeism” to The Specials Ghost Town, this is a fascinating and thoroughly well-researched guide to Covid’s impact on the world of work. Full of terrific corporate examples and up-to-the-minute developments and innovations. Peter and Mark also manage to set out all the future possibilities. From the 15-minute city, the transition from office to ecosystem and the prospect of a new age of leisure, Never Going Back makes for a stimulating read. The work is both a great reference and real source of inspiration for any leader looking to reflect on the pandemic’s impact and chart a new course for their own world of work.”       

Mark Thomas (not the author nor a relation to him!), Director, Performance Dynamics Management Consultants

“Mark and Peter have produced a really insightful book that every leader and game-changer should read. Packed full of up-to-date examples of what forward thinking leaders and organisations are actually doing and combined with a framework to ensure we create a better world, this book is a must read. Never Going Back will challenge you, get you thinking and provoke action. And that has to be a great thing!”

Graham Wilson, Leadership Wizard, Successfactory

“This book is a great retrospective for future generations of what it was like pre-Covid-19 and how we as a society changed and adapted to the conditions. The descriptions and examples are very comprehensive and clearly show how people’s habits and expectations changed. Overall a great job, very comprehensive, interesting and a wonderful foundation for reflection on how much we as a society have evolved.”

Jennifer Vessels, Future Ready Innovator, Executive Growth Alliance

“If I had been smarter, more on the ball, better connected, better read and more motivated this is exactly the book I would have written!”

Chris Hood, Director of Consulting, EMEA, Advanced Workplace Associates

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